Support 4 the Family in UKIP

Rights of Mum and Dad
as nurturers and educators of their children

Rights of children
to access their natural parents

Right to childhood innocence
No sex education in primary schools

Right to believe
that marriage is a man and a woman only


We have published the following leaflets for our exhibitions at UKIP party conferences.

Please download the files (Adobe PDF), then print and distribute. They are suitable for most office printers.

Print format: A4 landscape, actual size, double-sided (flip on short edge).
Then fold to A5.

September 2018

The Transgender Delusion

Will I turn into a girl today?

Download PDF

Support 4 the Family, September 2018 leaflet

March 2017

Broken Hearts, Broken Lives, Broken Government Budget.

Cost of family failure: 48bn

Download PDF

Support 4 the Family, March 2017 leaflet

September 2016

Too Much Sex Education Too Soon

Download PDF

Support 4 the Family, September 2016 leaflet

February 2016

Gay Badge Detention Threat

Are your children being sexualised at school?

Download PDF

Support 4 the Family, February 2016 leaflet

September 2015

Inaugural leaflet setting out our aims and objectives

Download PDF

Support 4 the Family, September 2015 leaflet

Other Resources:

Voices of the Silenced
Experts, Evidences & Ideology

Mike Davidson, PhD

Pansexuality & Sexual Politics:
Ancient and Modern Ideologies

Voices of the silenced dispels the idea that we are victims of our sexuality - that those who are 'born gay' can only find happiness and fulfilment in homosexual relationships.

DVD available from the
Core Issues Trust