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Policy Survey for UKIP Leadership Candidates: July 2019

We have sent a policy survey to all candidates in the current Party Leadership election, as we have done at all similar elections since 2016. We sent it out on Wednesday 3 July and will publish the answers as they arrive.

Here is the survey:

Relationships Education is to be introduced in primary schools in September 2019 and will be compulsory in September 2020. A prototype version called “No Outsiders” has already been introduced in some schools, and has led to protests from parents.

  1. Do you agree that sexual orientation should be taught to primary school children?

  2. Do you agree that gender identity should be taught to primary school children?

Sex is defined at conception, depending on the male sperm which carries an X or Y chromosome, so that the child is either XX (female) or XY (male). Other combinations exist but are very rare. Our chromosomes remain the same for life, from conception until death.

Gender is not so easy to define.

  1. Do you agree with one or more of the following?

    1. Gender is the same as sex and cannot be changed.
    2. Gender is a grammatical term that defines the pronoun to be used with a noun.
    3. Gender is subject to a mental and psychological process that allows us to identify as male, female, or anything else we like, regardless of our sex.
    4. Gender is none of the above (please specify what it might be).

  2. Do you agree that people who self-identify as a chosen gender should expect others to affirm their chosen gender, using the correct names and pronouns and consenting to the use of the chosen bathrooms and toilets, regardless of what they actually believe?

  3. During the reporting year 2009/10 a total of 97 children in the UK (40 girls and 57 boys) were referred by doctors for gender treatment. In 2017/18 the number had risen to 2519 (1,806 girls and 713 boys). This is an increase, during an 8-year period, of 4,410% for girls and 1,151% for boys.(1) Do you consider this to be the progress of science or do you think something has gone wrong?

  4. Do you agree that parents are the primary nurturers and educators of their children and should be allowed to pass on their values to their children in their own way, without interference from the State?

  5. Do you believe that marriage is for life, to provide a secure environment for raising children and not to be dissolved lightly, or do you agree with divorce on demand (the so-called “no fault divorce”)?

  6. There are currently 286 known abortion survivors in the world although the actual number is estimated to be much greater.(2) At what stage in their lives do they acquire rights, including the right to life?

    1. At conception;
    2. When a heartbeat can be detected;
    3. At birth;
    4. During childhood;
    5. When they become adults.

  7. Should health professionals have the absolute right as a matter of conscience to refuse to participate in abortion, without penalty to career prospects or other adverse consequences?

  8. Would you be in favour of opening up the Family Courts to public scrutiny under the same rules of privacy that currently apply to sexual offence cases in the criminal courts?

  9. Should UKIP continue to have policies on sexual exploitation & paedophile gangs, and Islamic extremism? (Sections 23 and 25 of the 2018 Interim Manifesto: Policies for the People)


  1. Minister orders inquiry into 4,000 per cent rise in children wanting to change sex, Gordon Rayner, Telegraph, 16 Sep. 2018. See also: LifeSiteNews

  2. Abortion Survivors Network. See also: Facebook

See also print friendly PDF.

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