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Christmas Ruined by Social Services

Christmas Ruined by Social Services

About Us

We are members of UKIP, concerned about restoration of the family as the fundamental unit of society, as described in our Aims and Objectives. We have a committee consisting of the officers listed below, and supporters with various backgrounds and interests including many who signed up to a contact list at the UKIP National Conference in Doncaster in September 2015.

We are aspiring to become recognised by the party as a Special Interest Group, a process that requires approval by the National Executive Committee, and we have been advised that it depends on the level of support from party members. If you would like to support us, send an e‑mail to this address:

Our committee members with specific roles are:

Alan J. Williams:      Chairman

A secondary school teacher for 35 years with an MA in Philosophical & Psychological Problems in Education Alan has been a political activist since the 1980s.

Deeply worried about the deterioration in the strength and quality of family relationships in the UK, Alan has researched the ideological movements which drive the free West's self destruction.

Deborah Pitt:      Deputy Chairman

When working as a hospital doctor 12 years ago I became aware of how the EU Working Time Directive would affect training and continuity of care. Soon afterwards I joined UKIP. Since then I have learned a great deal about why the UK should leave the EU.

In my work I became more aware of the adverse effects on people of family breakdown or disfunctionality. They include physical and mental health problems and failure to thrive in education and society. Despite much improvement in our lifestyles, these problems are getting worse. We cannot get to grip with the UK's issues while we are shackled to the ever-increasing expense and legislation of EU membership.

Mike Gascoigne:      Secretary

Mike started off as a chemical engineer, working in the oil industry, then went freelance, working as a technical author producing manuals and user guides for a variety of industrial and engineering products and processes, including computer-controlled instruments, maintenance management systems and motor vehicles. He is also qualified as a fitness instructor and does inductions for new customers at a local gym.

Mike is concerned about the attempted redefinition of marriage and the impact on family life and civil rights. He is also concerned about forced adoptions that are not in the best interests of children and families.

Martin Brown:      Treasurer

Martin spent over 20 years working in the Niger Republic in West Africa. Eclectic training in Agricultural sciences, Theology, French and Hausa languages and an MA in intercultural studies. Much of his time was spent teaching French and Qur’anic studies. He also helped set up and run a radio station. He now sells academic books.

Returning to the UK after over 2 decades abroad, he was shocked to find political correctness closing down debate on many issues. What seemed self evident that the best place to bring up children was with their biological parents, got lost in the equality debate over diverse families. As many in Social Services talk of a Tsunami of family breakdown, he believes that we need to rebuild family structure, especially for the health and protection of our children.

How would you feel if the State took your child?

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