Support 4 the Family

Rights of Mum and Dad
as nurturers and educators of their children

Rights of children
to access their natural parents

Right to childhood innocence
No sex education in primary schools

Right to believe
that marriage is a man and a woman only

Marilyn Day wearing our "Support 4 the Family" t-shirt


The Family as a Party Policy Area

Alan Williams

Alan Williams, Chairman of Support 4 the Family, sent the following email to Paul Nuttall, UKIP Party Leader, on 12 January 2017.

Paul Nuttall

Dear Paul,

I am writing to you as Chairman of Support 4 the Family, a group of UKIP members dedicated to promoting the natural family. We have received our invitations from Paul Oakden to attend a series of meetings to discuss policy issues with the portfolio holders you have appointed.

It is good to see such decisive action in making these appointments but we are concerned about the omission of a portfolio for the family. We believe that this should be major party policy area for the following reasons.

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See also our policy survey sent to all candidates during the party leadership election.

A New Day Dawns

"It was an off-the-Richter-scale earthquake, followed by an even bigger – because American – aftershock. Brexit, followed by Brexit plus plus plus. History before our eyes."

Alan Craig argues that this event has brought a new era of freedom of speech and he would like to see the gay marriage debate reopened.

Read more in "Alan's Angle"

See also his campaign website

Alan Craig, NEC Candidate in Dec. 2016, came 15th out of 89.

Alan has supported us from the beginning. Here he is with our banner, shortly after it was delivered in February 2016.

Alan Craig in the red jacket next to Paul Nuttall, campaigning for Victoria Ayling (next right) in the Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election

John Rees-Evans: Liberty of Conscience

John Rees-Evans: Liberty of Conscience

John Rees-Evans talks about cake shops, freedom of speech, and Islamophobia.

"We are right now suffering a massive attack on our Judeo-Christian heritage ... because at the very centre of this heritage is the concept of liberty of conscience..."

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UKIP National Conference, Bournemouth, September 2016

Here is our exhibition stand at the Bournemouth Conference, supported by UKIP South West.
Just in case you can't read the white banner on the left,
click here.

This year's exhibition at Bournemouth focused on a variety of family issues, but we were mainly supporting UKIP's policy of opposing sex education in primary schools. We gave out our new leaflet on this theme, together with our two previous leaflets and various publications from other organisations.

We got some publicity from the Mirror and the Metro, both of them displaying the front page of our first leaflet produced for the National Conference in Doncaster last year, which says "No sex education in primary schools". The Mirror exaggerates it to a "call to stop ALL sex education in schools". The Metro calls it a "ban on sex education" (less explicitly wrong, but still wrong). Never mind, this is journalism, why should the truth get in the way of a good story? Both articles contain lots of pictures and you have to scroll down to find us at the bottom. Click here for the Mirror and here for the Metro.

For details of our leaflets including links to printable PDF versions, click here.

The people decided, on 23rd June 2016, that the UK should leave the European Union.

The Committee of Support 4 the Family would like to thank everyone who has worked hard to achieve this result.

There is still work to be done. See EU Referendum 2016.

Debbie Pitt talking to a visitor at our exhibition stand at the UKIP South West Spring Conference in Thornbury, March 2016

Fringe Meeting at UKIP Spring Conference, Llandudno, February 2016

Support4theFamily was delighted to participate in UKIP's Spring Conference in beautiful Llandudno, Wales. We ran a fringe event, complete with balloons, chocolate, coffee and juice. We had some good conversations with party leaders who appear to share our concerns. Indeed, we felt they were on our page and very supportive. Others dropped by to chat and we felt it well worth our time and investment.

We offered a wide variety of resources and literature to help the confused who want the best for family life but who often do not know where to turn. Frequently there is a realization that things are seriously amiss, but very little idea as to what to do about it!

Dr Lisa Nolland gave a brief presentation about certain toxic (in her view) 'sex and relationship education' and 'equalities' curricula in schools.

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Dr Lisa Nolland, co-editor of
God, Gays and the Church,
is an expert on the history of the sexual revolution, its impact and how to counter it.

Mike Gascoigne and Alan Williams at the UKIP National Conference in Doncaster, September 2015

We are members of UKIP, supporting traditional family values. We made our first public appearance by setting up an exhibition stand at the UKIP National Conference in Doncaster in September 2015. It turned out to be very popular with many conference delegates visiting the stand, expressing their support, and many of them signed a contact list so we can keep in touch.

Write to your MP about New Clause 5

Sex education to be made compulsory in all state-funded schools including primary schools and academies

No parental right of withdrawal

Read more (PDF)

Sign the petition:

Keep Sex and Relationships Education in the Family

Note: The current legal position is summarised in a SPUC leaflet as follows:

In local authority maintained secondary schools, sex education must be taught and pupils have to learn about human reproduction as part of the National Curriculum for Science. But parents can withdraw their children from SRE when it is taught as part of PSHE.
Academies and free schools do not have to follow the National Curriculum so they are not obliged to teach SRE, either in science or as part of PSHE, but they often do teach it.

Cost of Family Failure:
£48 bn and still rising.

See website and full report.

Child Stealing By The State:
A Social Worker Speaks

Child Stealing By The State: A Social Worker Speaks

Social Services whistle-blower Carol Woods speaks to Brian Gerrish about her time at Lancashire Social Services where she came under extreme pressure to falsify documents and perjure herself to justify children being removed from their parents to order.

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Short video from Jonathan Arnott,
UKIP MEP for the North East:

It's time to protect vulnerable children and innocent families

It's time to protect vulnerable children and innocent families.

Support 4 the Family:
Leaflets for you to download as PDF and print. (Acrobat Reader required).

See our Resources page.

Assessment of Government Policies (Impact on Families) Bill

This bill, sponsored by Caroline Ansell, introduces a so-called 'Family Test', requiring ministers to consider the impact of government policies on family life, and it calls for an annual report on the government’s performance in promoting family stability. It began its second reading in the House of Commons on Friday 4th December 2015 but has been adjourned to a later, unspecified date. To follow the progress of this bill, see the Parliament Website.